November 6, 2012

2013 candidates for councilor in Mayoyao

Mayoyao/ LGPMS
Here is the list of candidates for councilor in the municipality of Mayoyao, province of Ifugao for the May 13, 2013 local and national elections:1. Abagan, Ulyssis Chupalan
2. Acapen, Pedro Sr. Polig
3. Allaga, Yolanda Pelogna
4. Baawa, Joel Poychana
5. Bullan, Yulo Marcos
6. Chawana, Crispin Tanggay
7. Chilagan, Rudy Jr. Natuno
8. Domingo, Donald Ngennay
9. Gannaban, Peter Laming
10. Gawongna, Myrlene Montoldiao
11. Gopeng, William Alagoy
12. Guinid, Nena Abagan
13. Hakcholna, William Scott
14. Lannaon, Wilson Juguiad
15. Licnachan, Joseph Langgawan
16. Maanao, Jacqueline Bayaona
17. Maayon, Jason Licnachan
18. Mombael, Saulo Crisenso
19. Nachegpan, Marie Cris Paggad
20. Nangpuhan, Manuel Iguan
21. Panangon, Cesar Bumaguing
22. Pohodna, Jolly Gannaban
Reference: The list is based on the file photo posted by Jay Dee on the group eMajawajaw@fb on October 9, 2012 at 11:43PM (+0800 UTC)

October 27, 2012

2013 candidates for councilor in Hingyon

Here is the list of candidates for councilor in the municipality of Hingyon, province of Ifugao for the May 13, 2013 local and national elections:1. Ambojnon, Honorio Pugong
2. Baguidudol, Francis Inuga
3. Banawol, James Galap
4. Bango, Baltazar Hangdaan
5. Bay-ong, Emilio Maguitta
6. Bulayo, Imelda Mangallab
7. Buyuccan, Antonio Tobiagon
8. Buyuccan, Rainier Bungallon
9. Calingayan, Peter Dumaguing
10. Cayong, Manuel Gallangi
11. Cumahling, Freddie Uyami
12. Dacmay, Oscar Binhaon
13. Dinamling, Avelino Tuguinay
14. Dinamling, Virgilio Santiago
15. Dogwe, Bernardino Ngayyawan
16. Dulnuan, Ferdinand Cuti
17. Gano, Henry Ngohayon
18. Gomac, Bernardo Ngipol
19. Gulguluway, Rogelio Jr. Nanglegan
20. Habbiling, Arsenio Calingayan
21. Habbiling, Marvin Dulnuan
22. Hewe, Romando Mariano
23. Humiwat, Peter Pakkin
24. Kinnud, Elmo Dulludul
25. Lagayan, Friniel Lipihon
26. Liwayan, Maria Galut
27. Liwayan, Rolly Kinnud
28. Naboye, Rufino Ngoyngoy
29. Nadugo, Laurence Takinan
30. Namingit, Aquilino Calingayan
31. Nawew, Gaspar Cawitan
32. Olnanigon, Ferdinand Pihing
33. Palaguitang, Jimmy Umangal
34. Pegew, Allan Kimayong
35. Tundagui, Thomas Jr. Timmoog
36. Udde-e, Martin Buyuccan
37. Yohoy, Paul Ryan Ballogan
Reference: The list is based on the file photos posted by Ani Baseder on the group hingyon campaign hall on October 27, 2012.

October 18, 2012

2013 candidates for councilor in Aguinaldo

Aguinaldo/ LGPMS
Here is the list of candidates for councilor in the municipality of Aguinaldo, province of Ifugao for the May 13, 2013 local and national elections:1. Baychon, Moses Abingwan
2. Biogan, Maribel Henaggon
3. Bullan, Freddy Bacuyag
4. Bullan, William Ogasna
5. Chilagan, Julius Liwanon
6. Corpuz, Robert Sr. Foronda
7. Cupahan, Homer Bastian
8. Dog-e, June Habbeleng
9. Domingo, Marcelo Chalajcha
10. Guinomon, Carinio Dulnuan
11. Hangdaan, Noel Guinichon
12. Lamag, Manuel Jr. Apagan
13. Limmingda, Juilo Jr. Antonio
14. Maguiwe, Ian Chilagan
15. Nanglegan, Carmen Opigan
16. Ngayaan, Jonathan Pumalo
17. Paynohon, Juliet Baguan
18. Pengiton, Susan Lumiwan
19. Tacyo, Julius Nabbon
20. Uchayan, Ricky Banawan
21. Yongongong, Angelito Ramos
Reference: The list is based on the file photo posted by Jay Dee on the group eMajawajaw@fb on October 9, 2012 at 11:43PM (+0800 UTC)

2013 candidates for councilor in Alfonso Lista

Alfonso Lista/ LGPMS
Here is the list of candidates for councilor in the municipality of Alfonso Lista, province of Ifugao for the May 13, 2013 local and national elections:1. Agus, Estelito Calumpit
2. Aliguyon, John Baldo
3. Alipio, Samuel Jr. Samoque
4. Aniceto, Rex Cruz
5. Attolba, Jefferson Ramil
6. Buminaang, Michael Atolba
7. Calingayan, James Cohcuhan
8. Cattiling, Charles Luarca
9. Chocyagan, Jesus Domingo
10. Diaz, Arturo Jr. Miguel
11. Dog-e, Jaime Habbeleng
12. Lumauig, Aloysius Dait
13. Perez, Celso Dumayas
14. Polig, Clarence Lista
15. Prudenciano, Noel Rosete
16. Sampayan, Joyce Banayan
17. Tuguinay, Herman Dupiao
Reference: The list is based on the file photo posted by Jay Dee on the group eMajawajaw@fb on October 9, 2012 at 11:43PM (+0800 UTC)

October 10, 2012

Candidates for mayor and v-mayor, 2013 Ifugao local election

Vote wisely
     After the deadline for filing of certificates of candidacy (COCs) set on October 1-5, the COMELEC provincial office released the list of candidates for the May 13, 2013 election. Since it was revealed in the previous article the list of candidates for congressman, governor, vice governor, and board member, only the candidates for mayor and vice mayor will be listed below along with the number of candidates for councilor. Here are the candidates for mayor and vice mayor in the 11 towns of the province.
     Aguinaldo: for mayor - Tony Chilagan, Aldrin Guingayan, Clemente Talosig; for vice mayor - Gaspar Chilagan (unopposed); 21 candidates for councilor.
     Alfonso Lista: for mayor - Edralin Alipio, Glenn Prudenciano; for vice mayor - Joseph Angowan, William Taganas; 17 candidates for councilor.
     Asipulo: for mayor - Eladio Bang-ud, Armando Domilod, Denis Gumangan; vice mayor - Tomas Pullupul, Guillermo Tadao; 20 candidates for councilor.

October 7, 2012

Ifugao candidates, 13th May 2013 election

Click here to see candidates last 2010 election
The list of candidates for the congressional and provincial positions in the province of Ifugao are the following:
For Congressman:
     1.     Teodoro B. Baguilat, Jr.
     2.     Solomon R. Chungalao
For Governor:
     1.     Eugene M. Balitang
     2.     Jonathan Cuyahon
     3.     Denis Habawel
     4.     Robert Humiwat
For Vice Governor:
     1.     Clemente Bongtiwon
     2.     Georgina Veronica Lumauig
     3.     Pedro Mayam-o

October 4, 2012

Teachers are top child abusers in Ifugao

Credit to:; Photo by: Ricardo Reyes
     In a survey conducted by the Ifugao Social Work and Development Office, there have been 44 cases of child abuse recorded from January to June of this year. Surprisingly, 80 percent of these cases were perpetuated by teachers.
     Based on the article of Ms. Catajan published on the 4th of October, 19 percent of all the cases were of sexual abuse while 81 percent were from physical injuries. However, only 7 of all the cases were filed in court, 8 were settled amicably, and all the other 27 cases were not filed at all.
     According to the survey, the causes of these abuses were attributed to gender biases, broken families, large family size, vices, financial difficulties, lack of parenting skills, absentee parent, anger or lack of self-control, lack of knowledge or skills in classroom management, and a culture of violence.
     This scenario is alarming considering that teachers are being looked upon by some as the second parents of children upon their entry into schools. There is a need to address this problem before it gets worst.#jbnii
Reference: Sun Star-Baguio, 4Oct.2012

September 14, 2012

P42.1M, biggest tax ever paid by one agency to Ifugao

SN Aboitiz recognized during the 2012 Gotad ad Ifugao
     The largest private agency operating in the province, SN Aboitiz Power (SNAP)-Magat have turned over an amount of P42.1 million pesos of additonal real property tax to Ifugao. The tax payment is the biggest amount ever received by the province as a result of a compromise agreement. The amount covers the difference between actual payments made in 2011, 2012, and the court-approved compromised amount.
     Meanwhile, the province of Isabela also received a tax payment from SNAP-Magat amounting to P30.3 million pesos as a corporate response to the settlement of disputes between the two provinces. During the turnover ceremony, Gov. Eugene Balitang stressed the sharing of business capabilities by the two provinces following the settlement agreement. "We can move forward in doing business together and help our constituents. We have shown our provincemates that conflicts can be resolved, that it can be done. If we can do business with SN Aboitiz, we can do it with the rest of the businesses and investors in the province of Ifugao," Gov. Balitang said.
     In perspective, this amount could prove the huge impact of private investment in the province in terms of economic and infrastructure developments. If local government officials will carefully utilize the natural resources of the province, inviting private investments can uplift the lives of the people in the rice terraces, the Ifugaos. For instance, history books have shown that the province is abundant with beautiful sceneries and investments in tourism-related ventures can potentially uplift living standards. However, to be able to fully open the province for business investment, there is a need to improve transportation facilities especially roads, centralize terminals, and standardize regulations in the implementation of fares and transportation etiquettes.#
Reference: Sunstar-Baguio, 09/09/2012

September 10, 2012

Ifugao's after-harvest tradition worthy of preservation

"Ponnok festival"
credit to Inquirer News
Expressing gratitude for a good harvest has been one of Ifugao's way of giving thanks through series of get-together local games and festivities. One after-harvest highlight for this year is the August 'ponnok festival' in Hungduan, Ifugao where residents wear traditional costumes and parade into a nearby river. The setting is unique since locals do the festival in the river, the sole supplier of irrigation in the rice terraces. Such festival should be preserved by the residents in Ifugao as it is one way of showcasing rich traditions. Its originality can lure tourist arrivals that could help spur economic growth in the province bringing additional income for the villagers.
The two-day festival is participated by villagers of barangays Hapao, Baang, and Nungulunan. It opens with a 'huwa' (community prayer) then followed by an invitation from a 'kadangyan' (usually the wealthiest or most influential person) ordering the villagers to stop working and join the thanksgiving ritual. After that, the 'mombagol' or sometimes called 'mumbaki' (ritual priest) invites the spirits of ancestors and local gods to join the feast with the belief that the rice terraces could produce the same bounty for the next harvest. The priest will then read a good sign from the bile of a sacrificial chicken which signals the drinking of the 'bayah' (rice wine) by the villagers for the rest of the day.
The next day marks the formal opening of the 'guyyudan' (tug-of-war) competition and other local games with a parade spotlighting the 'kinaag' (scarecrow) and 'pakid' (wooden pole with a hook) which would be used in the tug-of-war game. Reaching the river, the villagers of each barangay cheer their players as they perform the competition with their bodies half-soaked in the flowing river current. This year's overall winner is barangay Baang. According to the locals, the 'ponnok festival' is last recorded in 1986 but revived in 1997.#jbnii
Reference: Ifugao native games for good harvest, 9/5/2012

September 5, 2012

Ifugao police uproots P800T worth of marijuana plants

How marijuana works
The Ifugao police operating troops uprooted a total of 4,400 fully grown marijuana plants in Tulludan, Tinoc, Ifugao last August 27, 2012 in response to calls for eradication on the supply and demand of marijuana production in the province. The prohibited plants were uprooted in an estimated total plantation area of 1,100 square meters with a Dangerous Drug Board (DDB) value of P800,000 pesos.
The success of the operating troops were credited to the dynamic partnerships and coordination among the police force, community people, and municipal and barangay vis-a-vis tanod officials. Police chief inspector Enrique Ennangen said: "the community approach through sustained information and continuing education will certainly address the culture of silence among residents to testify against perpetrators in succeeding operations.The collaborative support of the barangay officials and tanods as force multiplier depicts a good partnership in our relentless campaign on illegal drugs," he said.
After the operation, a certificate was duly signed by Jose Mangibin, Jr., president of Tulludan farmers organization; Leo Ullani, PTA president; and Alejo Dulnuan which proved the veracity of the operation. #jbnii

August 31, 2012

Most wanted persons in Ifugao arrested

Recent achievements made by the police provincial force combined with local units were highlighted as outstanding due to the successful arrests of two top most wanted persons in the province. The fugitives arrested are both facing arrest warrants for the crime of rape with no bail recommended. 
Philippines' Most Wanted Persons
The first fugitive is a small-scale gold ore mill manager, 52, and a native of Poblacion, Hingyon. He was arrested in Runruno, Nueva Vizcaya through a joint patrol by the Ifugao public safety company led by police chief inspector Allan Guyguyon and Ifugao provincial intelligence branch led by police inspector Ramon Espiritu, Jr.
The second fugitive is a farmer, 42, and a resident of Duit, Kiangan. The arrest was made possible by a composite team from Kiangan municipal police station led by police inspector Christian Salonga and Lamut municipal police station led by senior police officer Luciano Mangulad.
These developments would further attest that no one is above the law; that if the law is to be observed at all times through vigilance and respect for humanity.#jbnii

August 24, 2012

One-step further for a business-friendly Ifugao

How to start a small business
With the increasing population of the province, it is high time to develop other means of earning money while keeping in mind the promotion of local products available in the 11 towns of Ifugao. As a common knowledge to all Ifugaos, working in the public sector provides low employment percentage compared to the private industry. Also, securing a job in the government is as slim and rigid due to traditional bureaucratic and political practices that has yet to be reformed. Recent economic accomplishments in the province will give opportunities for business-minded people to promote and further enhance their products and services. The promotion of a more customer-friendly province was further initiated by the Department of Trade and Industry through the establishments of CWDs(Consumer Welfare Desks) in some specific locations to cater with the demands of SMEs(Small and Medium Enterprises) including business amateurs and professionals. These CWDs can be found in Poblacion, Banaue at Dreamer's grocery; Poblacion East, Lagawe at IGEMPCO (Lagawe branch); and Poblacion West, Lamut at Lagsadeco Store, NMart gen.mdse., and IGEMPCO (Lamut branch). The aims of CWDs include easier resolution of consumer complaints and an avenue to promote business opportunities. In general, it aims to protect the rights and priveleges of consumers and business owners for better and improved business transactions in the province. #IfugaoPost
Reference: V.D. Bulayungan, DTI-Ifugao establishes consumer welfare desk, Aug. 24, 2012.

Reducing stray animals in the capital town

Stray animals in the Philippines
The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Lagawe, Ifugao has imposed fees and penalties on impounded stray animals. This is in pursuant to the municipality's goal of reducing unwanted animals particularly dogs roaming around the town center causing unsanitary environment and worse, carrying rabies. In a report submitted to PIA, owners whose animals are caught astray and have incurred damages to properties shall pay the fee of PhP200 for the first offense, PhP400 for the second offense, and PhP500 for the third offense (including payment of damages incurred by the astray animal). Let us hope for the success of this policy though it is a big challenge ahead considering cultural backgrounds and social behavior differences. What do you have in mind about this issue?
***Reference: M.L. Lihgawon, Lagawe imposes fees and penalties on impounded stray animals, Aug.15, 2012

July 30, 2012

1 dead in Ifugao due to typhoon Gener

Probability of rain in Ifugao, Jul.31.2012
Jul.31.2012//.. A landslide that occured in Hingyon, Ifugao during the height of typhoon Gener killed a 15-year old boy. The fatality is identified as Clinton Pablo while on board a motorcycle along with John Paul Pablo who was hurt. As of posting time, seven fatalities were already recorded by the National Risk Reduction Management Council but has yet to include Clinton Pablo. Typhoon Gener affected the whole of Luzon and some parts of Visayas and Mindanao. #jbnii

Mosquito traps can minimize dengue cases in Ifugao

Dengue surveillance - Philippines 2012
Jul.31.2012//..With the initial distribution of mosquito traps by the Department of Education Division Office in all elementary and secondary schools, dengue cases are hoped to be minimized if not eradicated in the whole province. Ovicidal/lorvicidal (OL) mosquito traps were distributed in response to the increasing number of dengue-infected patients. Ifugao recorded the highest number of dengue cases in the region last year, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Mary Jo Dulawan said. She further encouraged everyone to be vigilant and destroy mosquito breeding places. The participation of all citizens is indeed the key factor in solving provincewide diseases such as dengue. #jbnii

April 20, 2012

Ifugao town creates organic agriculture committee

Alfonso Lista
Friday 20th of April 2012

ALFONSO LISTA, Ifugao, April 20 (PIA) -- The Local Government Unit (LGU) here has created the municipal organic agriculture committee (MOAC) for the promotion of the organic agriculture program of the municipality. 

This is in support to the Organic Agriculture Act of the national government signed in 2010 for the development of a comprehensive program through the promotion and commercialization of organic farming practices. 

Ifugao State U imposes new fees to improve services

By Marcelo L. Lihgawon / Thursday 19th of April 2012

LAMUT, Ifugao, April 19 (PIA) -- The Ifugao State University (IFSU) had started to impose new charges to further improve the services of the different departments of the institution. 

According to IFSU president Serafin Ngohayon, the imposition of new fees is in line with the vision of the university for academic center of excellence and also in accordance with government memo circulars and executive orders. 

March 16, 2012

Japanese volunteer bids goodbye to state university

about JOVC
Jeremy Gawongna. Friday, March 16, 2012. Sun.Star Baguio except image
A JAPANESE national from the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOVC) culminated her two-year stay at the Ifugao State University (Ifsu) with a farewell program at the Ifsu Review Center on March 12.
JOVC is one of the programs of the Japan International Cooperation Agency aimed at providing technical assistance in developing countries.
Akiyo Kimura of Nagazaki, Japan assisted the university in executing the Nihongo class offered to students of Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

March 10, 2012

Kiangan Peace and Order Council condemns highway robbery

Bus robbery in the Philippines
By Daniel B. Codamon/ Sunday 11th of March 2012/ Posted on PIA website except image
KIANGAN, Ifugao,Mar. 11(PIA) -- The Municipal Peace and Order Council (MPOC) here denounced the highway robbery committed by ten unidentified armed men at the road located in Sitio Indalmugan of Barangay Julongan this municipality  recently.
On Motion of Councilor Noel Dulnuan, Chair of the Sangguniang Bayan’s Peace and Order Committee,the MPOC passed a resolution condemning the robbery-holdup committed last February 26. It  stated that the hold-up incident perpetrated by these unidentified people was an act that is a serious crime in violation of the Integrated Area/Community Public Safety Plan which is the municipality’s blue print for the protection of lives and properties of the people within the jurisdiction of Kiangan.

March 2, 2012

Dacawi: A dash of Ifugao humor

By Ramon DacawiBenchwarmer, Friday, March 2, 2012
Published in the Sun.Star Baguio newspaper on March 03, 2012 except image.
(This revisit of a piece way back was triggered by an e-mail ribbing from Igorot Global Organization (IGO) president Ceasar Castro who dropped what he was doing to welcome me last October. He wondered what IGO would have in return for my sharing Ifugao jokes at its 9th International Igorot Consultation come April at the Baguio Country Club. The retelling is for all of you out there - Igorots and Cordillerans by birth, blood, marriage, sentiment, choice and heart - who reconnected recently, provoking a parody of William Bloyd’s line: There are places in the heart which do not yet exist, into which humor enters to give them existence.)
INDIGENOUS wisdom and knowledge. Respect for the environment and understanding of sustainability. Thorough grasp of landscape engineering. Innovation, creativity, sheer industry, clear vision, mission, goals, objectives and targets.

February 26, 2012

Mining firm opts to adopt Ifugao Rice Terraces

Didipio Project of Oceana Gold
February 24, 2012 11:31pm

OceanaGold Phils. Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Melbourne, Australia-based OceanaGold Corp., urged other mining firms to adopt national heritage sites as part of their corporate social responsibility.
“We think that mining companies should not only mind the needs of the communities they are operating in, but also national heritage sites within the areas of their operations,” Jose Leviste, Jr., chairman of the mining firm, said in an interview Friday.

February 5, 2012

Tourism Booming In Ifugao

By ELLSON A. QUISMORIO from Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation except image
February 4, 2012, 8:06pm

     BATAD, Banaue, Philippines – Tourists here in Ifugao province agree: It’s more fun in the Philippines.
     So big a splash has the local tourism industry made that it’s now a bigger industry in Ifugao than agriculture, at least during the last five years, according to Department of Tourism-Cordillera Administrative Region (DOT-CAR) Regional Director Purificacion Suanding Molintas.
     “This is Ifugao, the main industry is tourism. Agriculture is only secondary,” said Molintas.
     Molintas bared that in the past, a whopping 90 percent of all the tourism-related revenue generated by CAR was centered on Baguio.

January 28, 2012

Road to save terraces leads to Ifugao homes

(Repost from  except image) 28th January 2012

Batad restoration efforts
BAGUIO CITY—Residents of the village of Batad in Banaue, Ifugao, will open their doors on Feb. 3 to tourists, as well as the country’s top businessmen, who have been invited to help rebuild centuries-old rice terraces that collapsed due to strong monsoon rains.
Batad is home to the amphitheater-like terraces which have been enshrined by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco), together with the terraces in Kiangan, Hungduan and Mayoyao towns, as World Heritage Sites. Sections of these terraces are scarred by erosion.

January 27, 2012

IFSU holds training on rain-fed agriculture

(Repost from Sun.Star Baguio except image)
Friday, January 20, 2012
ICRISAT for 2020
THE Ifugao State University (Ifsu) conducted an in-country training course on Strengthening Rain-fed Agriculture Research, Development and Extension in the Cordilleras at the Ifsu Review Center on January 8–13.
This was in collaboration with the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (Icrisat), Department of Agriculture–Bureau of Agricultural Research (DA-BAR), and the Commission on Higher Education (Ched).
The training was participated by senior faculty and researchers of the State Universities and Colleges; Cordillera Administrative Region Research, Development, and Extension Consortium (SUCCARRDEC); senior researchers and staff of DA-Cordillera Field Unit; and provincial and municipal agriculturists of CAR.

January 25, 2012

Ifugao exceeds 2011 local revenue collection

(Repost from Sun.Star Baguio except image)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Philippine Tax Code
LAGAWE, Ifugao -- The Provincial Treasurer’s Office (PTO) here reported it has exceeded its target in its local revenue collection for 2011.
Provincial Treasurer Samuel Marinay said their record on local tax collection showed a great increase on real property tax, property transfer taxes and on sales revenue of the goods and products of the Provincial Government.

IFSU: Senator allots P1.8 million for study grants

(Repost from Sun.Star Baguio except image)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sen. Koko Pimentel & CARASUC
LA TRINIDAD, Benguet - Around 600 students from six state universities and colleges (SUCs) in the Cordillera Administrative Region are set to be benefitted by scholarship assistance grant from the Priority Development Assistance Fund of Senator Aquilino Pimentel III.
Pimentel and officials of the SUC beneficiaries headed by Benguet State University (BSU) president Ben Ladilad formally signed the agreement for the scholarship last Thursday during BSU’s 26th Charter Day anniversary, where the senator was guest.

IFSU: Sangguniang Bayan adopts rules on operation of dorms

(Repost from PIA except image)
Credit to Ms. Zimmer
LAMUT, Ifugao, Jan. 19 (PIA) -- In response to the alarming problems of students, the Sangguniang Bayan(SB) here convened last January 17, 2012 to adopt a measure to preserve and protect their general welfare.
The SB presided by Vice Mayor Victomar Bunnol adopted the 'Dormitories and Boarding Houses Code in the Municipality of Lamut', which shall govern the rules and regulations for the operation and maintenance of dormitories and boarding houses to include government-owned boarding houses or dormitories.

January 23, 2012

Police nab gun-toting village councilman

Published in the Sun.Star Baguio newspaper on January 23, 2012 (except image)

By Rubyloida Bitog

Tanfoglio FT9 .380ACP Pistol
LAMUT, Ifugao -- A village watchman was caught by police pointing a gun to a resident last January 15.
The incident occurred in the Ifugao State University (IFSU) compound, Nayon, Lamut, Ifugao. The suspect was identified as Antonio Tayaban Allaga Jr., 58, married, and a resident of the place.

Police investigation revealed he allegedly used a firearm to hit the face of a certain Atachi Pulig Saguilot, 30, single and also a resident of the same place.

January 21, 2012

In Banaue, water system seen solution to feud

Alternative groundwater
(repost from Inquirer News except image)
BAGUIO CITY—The tourist town of Banaue in Ifugao is developing a water distribution system amid complaints that the water supply of a village there is being controlled by a government-run hotel.

Banaue Mayor Jerry Dalipog said potable spring water in Ifugao is being shared and rationed among villages because water pressure falls during the dry season.
“In Banaue, the discharge rate has dropped from 30 to 40 percent. This was not the case before, but we have determined that this is due to our dwindling forests,” Dalipog told Inquirer on Thursday.

January 17, 2012

Ifugao student tops BFAR scholarship exams in CAR

[PIA Press Release (except image), Wednesday, January 18, 2012]
by Vency D. Bulayungan
College Scholarships
LAGAWE, Ifugao, Jan. 18 (PIA) -- An Ifugao senior high school student topped the scholarship examinations conducted by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources(BFAR)-Cordillera while two other Ifugao stundets made it to the top ten.
In a letter addressed to Governor Eugene Balitang, BFAR Regional Director Rebecca Dang-awan said that Cherry Ann Guina-ob Kindipan of the Ifugao State University ranked number one in the region in the scholarship examination held on September 17, 2011. The two other Ifugao students, Marvin Banguid Punno of the Hapid National High School-Annex in Lamut town ranked number eight in the region and Mariel Capuno Benigno of Namillangan National High School in Alfonso Lista got the ninth highest score.

January 11, 2012

Ifugao Cultural Code outlines policies in protecting cultural heritage

by: Mike Smith
by Dan B. Codamon
LAGAWE, Ifugao, Jan. 11(PIA) -- The Ifugao Cultural Code had proposed several guidelines to protect Ifugao cultural heritage in the conduct of research and documentation by researchers, artists, writers and mass media in an effort also to preserve them inside and outside the community of the Ifugaos.
Among the salient policies of the Code provide that all researchers and institutions are strictly obliged to observe the Free Prior and Informed Consent with the community before entering and conducting any study of the cultural heritage of the Ifugaos and they should submit a research proposal to the community before conducting a study for the purpose of review to avoid cultural destruction.

January 5, 2012

Hingyon imposes practice of waste management in schools

(Repost from the Philippine Information Agency except image)
Ecological Solid Waste Management Act in the Philippines
Credit to Fresno County
by Mhars B. Lihgawon

HINGYON, Ifugao, Jan 5. (PIA) -- The Sangguniang Bayan here has approved an ordinance imposing the practice of solid waste management in all schools in the municipality and providing penalty to violators.
Authored by councilor Emilio Bay-ong, the ordinance mandates every school of all levels in town to implement the solid waste segregation for a healthy environment conducive for learning.

January 3, 2012

Christmas, new year celebrations in Ifugao generally peaceful - PNP

Christmas Music

(Repost from the Philippine Information Agency except image)

by Dan B. Codamon

LAGAWE, Ifugao, Jan.2 (PIA) -- The Christmas and New Year celebrations in this province were generally peaceful and no major disturbances were reported except for some vehicular accidents and isolated mauling incidents.
Provincial Police Director Senior Superintendent Laurence Mombael said that as early as the second week of December, they already posted police personnel augmented by newly graduated police officers and trainees to the different municipalities of the province to help maintain peace and order and protect the people celebrate the yuletide season.

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