August 24, 2012

One-step further for a business-friendly Ifugao

How to start a small business
With the increasing population of the province, it is high time to develop other means of earning money while keeping in mind the promotion of local products available in the 11 towns of Ifugao. As a common knowledge to all Ifugaos, working in the public sector provides low employment percentage compared to the private industry. Also, securing a job in the government is as slim and rigid due to traditional bureaucratic and political practices that has yet to be reformed. Recent economic accomplishments in the province will give opportunities for business-minded people to promote and further enhance their products and services. The promotion of a more customer-friendly province was further initiated by the Department of Trade and Industry through the establishments of CWDs(Consumer Welfare Desks) in some specific locations to cater with the demands of SMEs(Small and Medium Enterprises) including business amateurs and professionals. These CWDs can be found in Poblacion, Banaue at Dreamer's grocery; Poblacion East, Lagawe at IGEMPCO (Lagawe branch); and Poblacion West, Lamut at Lagsadeco Store, NMart gen.mdse., and IGEMPCO (Lamut branch). The aims of CWDs include easier resolution of consumer complaints and an avenue to promote business opportunities. In general, it aims to protect the rights and priveleges of consumers and business owners for better and improved business transactions in the province. #IfugaoPost
Reference: V.D. Bulayungan, DTI-Ifugao establishes consumer welfare desk, Aug. 24, 2012.

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