Our Purpose

"Our purpose is to promote awareness on reliable issues about the province backed with proofs of references"
(reliable - relevance in its accomplishment.)

Structure and Process:
This is a volunteer site. Articles posted here are  based on information taken from several applications. If you want to share your story or any article about Ifugao, you are encouraged to make submissions in the email address below. Upon receipt of your story, the admin editor will conduct simplified reviews of your article. Include your references (websites or books) if it is an informative article where facts should be verified by all readers of your story. The assurance for publishing your article on the site is the sole responsibility of the admin editor depending on the content of your article. Once verified for publication, your article will be published on the site including your name (or your pen name if you wish not to reveal your real name). Again, it's a volunteer site, hence submission of articles are voluntary with no monetary benefits. The rewards are self-satisfaction, service, and most of all, experience.

If you have concerns or inquiries, feel free to email us:

Address emails to: The IFUGAO Post Editor
Email address: ifugaopost@gmail.com

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