October 4, 2012

Teachers are top child abusers in Ifugao

Credit to: pcij.org; Photo by: Ricardo Reyes
     In a survey conducted by the Ifugao Social Work and Development Office, there have been 44 cases of child abuse recorded from January to June of this year. Surprisingly, 80 percent of these cases were perpetuated by teachers.
     Based on the article of Ms. Catajan published on the 4th of October, 19 percent of all the cases were of sexual abuse while 81 percent were from physical injuries. However, only 7 of all the cases were filed in court, 8 were settled amicably, and all the other 27 cases were not filed at all.
     According to the survey, the causes of these abuses were attributed to gender biases, broken families, large family size, vices, financial difficulties, lack of parenting skills, absentee parent, anger or lack of self-control, lack of knowledge or skills in classroom management, and a culture of violence.
     This scenario is alarming considering that teachers are being looked upon by some as the second parents of children upon their entry into schools. There is a need to address this problem before it gets worst.#jbnii
Reference: Sun Star-Baguio, 4Oct.2012

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