December 13, 2011

Five Ifugao girl scouts receive national awards

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Girl Scouts of the Philippines
     Recognizing their exemplary leadership, perseverance, and sense of responsibility towards nation building, five senior high school girl scouts in Ifugao received the "Chief Girl Scout Medal" at the PICC Complex, Manila on November 14, 2011. The award is the highest award of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines.
     They are the following: Liza Bayaona (Mayoyao), Shaena Joy Tapay (Mayoyao), Everly Pakelman (Mayoyao), Glory Potnol (Alfonso Lista), and Camille De Leo (Alfonso Lista).  They are among the cream of the crop five hundred five senior and cadet girl scouts in the whole country who received the award this year.
     Their fruitful services centered on cultural preservation and development of an eco-friendly environment for a sustainable community.

     Liza Bayaona was able to establish a mini museum in her barangay in Balangbang. She collected artifacts, oral literatures and conducted lectures about culture in collaboration with older folks in the community.
     Shaena Joy Tapay put up a mini forest also in the same barangay. She led a tree planting project with 300 seedlings and was able to propagate 200 seedlings in her nursery.
     Everly Pakelman, on the other hand, promoted health projects by establishing a herbal garden planted with about 50 various herbal plants in a 250-square-meter nursery.
     Glory Potnol promoted vegetable gardening in her community by planting different kinds of vegetables. She sells her produce in the market which help defray her school expenses.
     Camille De Leo worked on ecological beautification of their barangay hall. She propagated variety of ornamental plants and installed garbage receptacles in public places. She gathered tires and used them as fence and also painted flower boxes in public places.
     May their awards become an inspiration for the younger generation and for everyone. Congratulations!

Girl Scouts of the Philippines
Philippine Information Agency


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congratulations fellow kababayans! your achievement will be your stepping stone for higher goals. keep up!

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