December 14, 2011

Court holiday instructions reach Ifugao

(15Dec2011 by ifugaoposts)
credit to Philippine congress
In an apparent support to Chief Justice Renato C. Corona, employees of the RTC Branch 34 in Banaue, Ifugao were instructed to wear black and stop all transactions on Dec. 14. But concrete confirmation of the report is yet to be verified if they followed the instruction. This, according to reports from Inquirer, occurred on Dec. 13 after the Philippine lower house of congress delivered the articles of impeachment to the senate who will act as senator-judges for the impeachment proceedings.
     The said court holiday spread in the whole country via text messages that allegedly came from the court administrator of the Supreme Court. However, not all court employees nationwide heeded the call since there are cases that need urgent processing.

     On the other hand, the lone representative of the province was not among those congressmen who signed the impeachment complaint against Corona. In the lower house of congress, 188 signed the impeachment complaint, a sweeping 65% compared to the remaining 100 (35%) who did not sign. As a matter of procedure, the minimum vote needed to pass the impeachment is only 33.33% but it was overwhelmingly exceeded.#


Anonymous said...

let peace be with both members of the executive, judiciary, and legislative....

Anonymous said...

there is a need to reform the JUDICIARY, it is no longer a people-friendly court but rather a political frenzy where money works the decision, HELL WITH IT. that is why for others to give impartial justice, they sometimes put it in their hands.

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