December 8, 2011

2011 prov'l athletic meet formally opens in Lamut

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Lamut, Ifugao - More than 10,000 participants and spectators from 11 municipalities of the province gathered here for the athletic meet, according to reports from PIA.
     The event started on Dec. 7 and to culminate on Dec. 10 with the following regular sports to be competed: track and field, ball games, boxing, swimming, gymnastics, chess, arnis, taekwondo, and archery. Winners will have the chance to compete for the Cordillera Administrative Region Athletic Association (CARAA) Meet to be held next year.
     Furthermore, featured events in the provincial meet include ethnic games such as "bultong" (wrestling), "munbayu"(rice pounding), "akkad"(stilt walking), "hanggul"(arm wrestling), and "uggub"(spear throwing using runo grass stalks). Ethnic games further ignited the spirit of Ifugaos due to the world-class record of Jason Balabal, the only Ifugao gold medalist in the just concluded 26th Southeast Asian Games (SEAG) held in Indonesia on Nov.11-22. Balabal, 25, won gold in the 84-kg Greco-Roman wrestling competition.
     Congressman Teddy Baguilat and Governor Eugene Balitang encouraged all athletes to strive further and become new heroes. The theme for this year's provincial meet is "Ifugao: In Search of New Heroes".#


Anonymous said...

we are looking for gold, silver, and less bronze^^ yayyayy. keep up athletes!

Anonymous said...

hope for the best results of all the games!

Anonymous said...

...hope that alfonfo lista got the over all champion..!

baylander said...

well, considering the population of alfonso lista, they have more chances of selecting their best players compared to other municipalities. hence they have greater chances to be the overall champion.^^

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