October 1, 2011

NAPOCOR: Ifugao is knocking on your door

The Ibulao bridge flooded (Sept. 2011). First time in years
by: Puhut Belingon
Close up view of Ibulao bridge on Sept. 2011
by: Puhut Belingon

(01Oct2011 by: ifugao posts)
The National Power Corporation should consider appropriating funds for the revival and greening of Ifugao's heritage parks. This move will be an added solution to the present devastation happening in the province which brought floods and landslides all over the mountainous province. The destruction of natural resources in the province is seen as the effect of poor forest management in the province.
The proposed reforestation project by the Provincial Government of Ifugao is a smart initiative benefiting portions of Ifugao forest areas in the province (you can follow this link for more details about the proposed project: P26-M reforestation planned for Ifugao). The constituents in the province should support this endeavor. It will benefit not only those who declared those portions of the forest but also all of us in the long term. Further initiatives should be planned by all sectors - government, NGOs, private sector, individuals (especially those who inherited those forest reserves), and corporations.

Let us preserve the province, its flora and fauna.
Banaue Rice Terraces

Asipulo Rice Terraces
Mayoyao Rice Terraces
Hungduan Rice Terraces
Lagawe Rice Terraces
Kiangan Rice Terraces

Lamut Faming
Aguinaldo Rice Terraces
Tinoc Gardening
Alfonso Lista Corn Plantation
Hingyon Rice Terraces

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