October 24, 2011

Ifugao Town Establishes Own Gas Filling Station

(24Oct2011 by: ifugao posts)
"If others can, so do I" is an expression to encourage someone. Perhaps this should also be applied in the perspective of the organization. Being self-sufficient should be a mandate given the arguments of cost-cutting measures, price gouging, and freedom of choice.

Recently, Alfonso Lista establishes its own gas filling station to cater the demands of its service vehicles and the community. This move, taking aside personal goals, will be beneficial for the sustenance of the town. With the objective of bringing affordable services for public interest, other agencies can, and will possibly replicate this endeavor.

Ifugao town establishes own filling gas stationby Mhars B. Lihgawon/ Philippine Information Agency
ALFONSO LISTA, Ifugao, Oct 24 (PIA) - - The local government unit (LGU) here under mayor Glenn Prudenciano recently established a filling gas station as a centralized source of fuel for the different offices of the municipal government.
The establishment of the filling gas station at the motor pool of the LGU is part of the cost cutting measures being undertaken in response to the unabated rising cost of fuel.
It is managed and supervised by the General Services Office (GSO) of the municipality to regulate the disbursement of gas allocations of the different offices of the municipal government.
A weekly inventory and audit of the content of the gas tank will be conducted properly to monitor the daily consumption of diesel fuel and also to ensure the proper disbursement of fuel.
Meanwhile, any LGU official, individual, or person who intercedes gasoline or attempts to influence the GSO for the release of gasoline without proper documentation will be prosecuted depending on the gravity of the offense.
Alfonso Lista is a 3rd class municipality located on the easternmost part of Ifugao bordering the provinces of Isabela in the east and Mountain Province in the north. *(JDP/MBL-PIA CAR,Ifugao)


Anonymous said...

it is unusual for a municipality (gov't) to run a business. In Lagawe, private homes are selling gasoline in coke bottles, storing gasoline in residence which I think is dangerous and pose danger to residents. Is this municipal gas station regulated?

Anonymous said...

well, i just hope the town have secured proper implementation permits from DTI and have passed regulation policies from DOE. community safety should be the utmost priority in this kind of business, not political stability:):):)

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