November 15, 2011

Bultong, ak-kad, ethnic sports up for race in Ifugao provincial meet

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The provincial government of Ifugao finds the '2011 Provincial Athletic Meet' more interesting and worthy of financial support due to the integration of ethnic sports as part of the competition. Old folks, patriotic individuals and spectators expect to witness bultong (Ifugao belt wrestling), Ifugao ak-kad, hanggul (arm wrestling), and other ethnic sports to be exhibited during the annual athletic meet.

The town of Lamut will host anew this year's athletic meet initially set to be held on December 8-10, 2011. Lamut town Mayor Hon. Francisco Tenenan expressed high hopes for the success of the event through partnerships with different stakeholders along with the Department of Education and provincial local government unit. The province's head, Gov. Eugene Balitang and SK federation president Hon. Ronnel Gayamo committed P500T and P600T respectively to offset expenses for the conduct of the event.

Here are some images of Ifugao ethnic sports:

Bultong (Ifugao belt wrestling)/credited to 'Mtnapulawan'
Ifugao hanggul (arm wrestling)/ credited to 'mike smith'
(unfamiliar of this sport's common name) credited to 'ferdzdecena'
Integrating ethnic sports to children's events could be an optimistic engagement by the government sector to promote cultural awareness. Preservation of culture and provincial identity should be the effort not only by the government but by all sectors of the society.#


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