January 20, 2008


Ifugao, haven of educated and God loving people with improved quality of life amidst its rich cultural and environmental heritage.
To provide quality education, research and extension services to bring educated and morally upright individuals endowed with professional and entrepreneurial skills who will take the lead in enhancing sustainable development towards improved quality of life.
* To produce a well-rounded professionals in Agriculture, Forestry, Education, computer, Industrial Technology, and related field capable of meeting the demand for trained farm and forest managers, teachers, scientists, entrepreneurs, industrialist and change agents for sustainable development;
* To turn out professional foresters to help maximize productivity of the forest area and marginal lands that stabilize ecosystem;
* To generate and verify agricultural and forestry research technologies for Ifugao and the Cordilleras;
* To institute rural development schemes through the non-formal instruction of the various aspects of rural living;
* To assist in National Government Development thrusts on tourism, social integration of the various ethnic groups in the service area and the preservation of forestry and forest products and resources.
8 Development Goals of ISCAF
1. Pursue academic excellence
2. Enhance faculty and staff profile, welfare and benefits
3. Broaden access to higher education, improve student academic performance
and promote student welfare
4. Modernize the college
5. Improve research capabilities and encourage publications and other creative work
6. Develop and implement relevant extension programs
7. Develop viable income generating projects
8. Improve administrative efficiency and financial management systems

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